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Our speciality is in constructing, fitting and maintaining dentures to optimise for comfort and aesthetics.

Comfort Dentures


We are committed to crafting the perfect denture for you. Each denture is handcrafted and made especially to suit your needs and desires in achieving the perfect smile and having the utmost comfort.

We deal in all types of dentures including full dentures and various types of partial dentures: acrylic, chrome/metal and flexible dentures.

Repairs & Relines


In most cases a repair on an exisiting denture can go a long way! Whether it be a missing tooth or clasp, or even wear and tear, we can help.

Are your dentures not fitting like they used to? Then you’re due for a reline. The gum changes shape and shrinks over time. A reline involves adding more materials to the underside of your denture to ensure a perfect fit.

Denture Cleaning


Dentures change with time and are subject to wear and tear. While cleaning everyday at home is correct and important, it cannot prevent deposits forming and spreading, and subsequently affecting your health.

Our professional denture cleaning removes any plaque, tartar and stains that may have accumulated over time. It’s an inexpensive way to rejuvenate your smile!

Custom Mouthguards


In sports, kids and adults alike are exposed to rough contact and occasionally accidents happen where a tooth gets knocked out or chipped. Off-the-shelf mouthguards provide inadequate protection and are uncomfortable.

Our custom made mouthguards are designed to absorb the maximum impact all while being comfortable and individualised to express yourself.

We Cover Full Dentures Service In Macquarie Fields

Dentures Repair are easier and affordable than you may think

Phoenix Denture in Glenfield is known for its professional full denture repair services . You don’t have to rush for getting another set of dentures. Instead, we can easily fix that for you. Also, we charge the most minimum, without any compromise to our service. Dentures are prone to wearing and may break accidentally. If you want to replace, recover, or install dentures, shop here now.

Full denture repair solution in Glenfield

Wearing false teeth for years after years are most likely to affect the dentures. Minor cracks or gaps may form. Let aside accidental damage when the dentures fall off. We recommend the best solutions which are easy to keep up. Stay a little alert and careful and you would not require a repair service at all in future. However, in case you need one we are just a call away.

We admire all our clients and do not doubt your potential. Moreover, some things call for expertise. You cannot fix the damaged dentures on your own. Unless you are certified. If you do so there is a high probability of the dentures breaking into larger chunks sooner. Also, we are quite sure you do not have access to the kind of glue used to keep the false teeth in places. Hence, let us do the needful. As for monetary concerns, we provide the best rates for full denture repairs in Glenfield.

We Build and Fix the Best

At Phoenix Denture we believe in building strong dentures and permanent ties with our clients. We fix cracks and damages to restore them in their prime state. High-quality acrylic, government-approved materials, latest tools and technology and finest staff are our assets. Our lab has all modern and requisite facilities for your assistance.

Full denture solutions in Glenfield is only guaranteed at Phoenix Denture. Commitment is our goal. And, your comfort is our priority. For more details leave feedback. Our executives shall get in touch soon. Take good care of your teeth.

Interest-Free Payment Plans

We understand that paying for new dentures can be strenuous. We’ve made our reasonably priced dentures available on interest free payment plans at no additional cost to you. Improved health and quality of life is now accessible to anyone.

Made On-site

All of our dentures and services are made by our on-site dental lab that has over 25 years of experience. No work is outsourced overseas or sent off-site. Our materials are all acquired from top Australian dental suppliers and comply with strict government regulations.

To provide the best advice, we’d like to see you in person

We offer a free consultation with our Dental Prosthetist to assess which denture type is best for you, if any! There are no charges and no obligations. Call us today to book!

We believe hygiene is of the utmost importance

All of our instruments undergo a rigorous sterilisation process in our dedicated steri-room to ensure your safety and wellbeing.

We also step you through the correct procedures to clean, store and maintain your dentures. You’d be surprised how unhygienic some common habits are!

Award-winning Dental Prosthetist

Our Lead Dental Prosthetist, Dr. Elie Michel Fathallah, graduated his Advanced Diploma of Dental Prosthetics with a Distinction and was the recipient of a number of industry awards.

The Australian Dental Prosthetists Association (ADPA) awarded Elie the Phill Harris Award for Excellence for demonstrating exceptional work ethics and quality in his work.

Elie was also the recipient of the Excellence Award for Health Industry Achievement in 2015 recognising not only the outstanding efforts in academic excellence, but also personal, workplace and community achievements.

Shop 3, 95 Harrow Rd

Glenfield NSW 2167

9829 3309

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We are recognised by all health funds

Thanks to HICAPS, we also offer on-the-spot claims for all the following major funds to make your dentures even more affordable. We are also recognised by Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) and NSW Health OHFFSS.