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The majority of discomfort reported by patients who wear traditional complete or partial dentures is due to tiny movements of the denture against the soft tissues of the jaw. Implant-retained dentures use implants as anchors and prevent this movement. This results in implants retained dentures in Sydney that cannot be exceeded in terms of comfort and eating ability. As such, our implants retained dentures in Glenfield, will help you maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle. So that you can enjoy a healthy diet, comfortably talk with family and friends, and smile with confidence.

These implants dentures make a great alternative for conventional dentures or all-on-4 fixed crown & bridge. Offering the perfect compromise between reduced movement, bone and gum support, and affordability.

What implant-retained dentures in Sydney look like

Denture implants in Sydney create a naturally radiant and new smile

    • A natural appearance tailored to you

In general, the upper jaw requires 4 implants while the lower jaw only needs 2 for proper support. Every individual is different and so every denture implant in Glenfield that we make is different. We have an array of teeth shade , and shapes for you to choose from for a smile that really suits and supports you. With our experience and expertise, we will assist you in choosing what options best complement you. They are made in such a way to uncannily mimic the appearance of natural teeth.

    • Thin and compact

An added benefit is that because the dentures do not need to rely on suction to be held in place, the upper denture can be as small as a partial denture. This means a sleeker and thinner fixture that feels and looks great. It also makes a great solution for those that have suffered from a deterioration of bone loss in their jaw, as less support from the bone is needed.

    • Support for a more youthful appearance

These surgical additions also help retain the shape of your face with support to your cheeks for a more full and youthful appearance. The support it also gives to your jawbones helps prevent any further bone deterioration.

What our denture implants in Glenfield feel like

Secure, strong and well fitted dentures

With denture implants in Glenfield, the pressure caused through the forces of eating will be diffused through distributions through the abutments and jaw. You will soon find that eating is a more pleasurable experience and after you take the necessary cool down time to heal and recover, you will be able to expand your food options based on your dietary requirements. There may still be some movement, but the dentures shall make the day to day feel more comfortable and natural.

Less cost and maintenance

A more affordable option for beauty, health and comfort

The total cost of this type of denture is less than 1/3rd of an All-on-4 fixture (also known as fixed retained bridge). Another advantage of an implant-retained denture is that the patient is able to clean the abutments (implants) by brushing them. The patient is able to do this with removability, meaning patients can properly clean them each day at home. Whereas, all-on-4 fixtures require a visit to a dentist in Glenfield to clean and maintain, adding cost and hassle.

Most importantly an All-on-4 fixtures relies on all 4 implants to be perfectly functional which means that if any of the implants fail, then the whole fixture is lost resulting in an investment loss of $20,000-$40,000 for each fixture. With implant-retained dentures, one does not have this problem.

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3d render of removable full implant denture
Implant-Retained Denture All-on-4 Fixture
Retention & Comfort ✔︎ ✔︎
Chewing Strength & Durability ✔︎ ✔︎
Aesthetics ✔︎ ✔︎
No Maintenance Fees ✔︎
Expandability ✔︎
Cleanable at Home ✔︎
Replacement Fees per Jaw less than $5,000 between $20,000 and $40,000


Free Consultation

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We make the finishing touches and handover your denture that’s ready for your everyday use!

2-year Denture Plan Included

 All of our dentures come with a 2-year Denture Plan which includes a free yearly checkup and consultation, and a free professional denture cleaning.

Made On-site

All of our dentures and services are made by our on-site dental laboratory and dental technicians that have over 25 years of experience in designing dentures. No work is outsourced overseas or sent off-site. Our materials are all acquired from top Australian dental suppliers and comply with strict government regulations.

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